Cyclists’ Stories

John Molloy, Welling, London, September 2012

John was hit by a car driver who turned right across his path whilst travelling in the opposite direction. John was thrown over his bicycle’s handlebars and landed on his shoulder.

John’s collar bone was broken, scaphoid bone in wrist was damaged and shoulder blade was bruised. John now has constant problems with his wrist and had to have a metal plate inserted in his shoulder.

Alan Church, Reading, Berkshire, July 2011

Alan is a passionate cyclist and member of Thames Velo cycling club. He collided with the side of a car when the driver immediately turned left after overtaking him. The driver admitted fault to the police and admitted she had not checked her mirrors.

Alan was left with a fractured vertebra and still suffers from back pain 20 months after the incident.

Aiden Forster, Bradford, West Yorkshire, July 2012

Enthusiastic cyclist Aiden was cycling up a hill when he was hit from behind by a 4×4 driver. Aiden suffered multiple vertebral fractures as a result of the collision. He was in hospital for 5 days and off work for 4 months. He could not sit down for months, which made any form of travel very difficult.

Chris, South West England, March 2012

Chris came off his bike when he swerved to avoid a collision with a bus, despite having right of way. He hit the pavement as he came off.

Chris’s collarbone and several ribs were broken; he also had a punctured lung and severe grazing and bruising. The broken collarbone seriously limited Chris’s movement for seven months.

David Galle, Coolham, West Sussex, November 2009

David, an experienced cyclist and member of the CTC West Sussex group, was hit by a van driver who failed to see him as he negotiated a staggered crossroads. David’s spinal cord was ruptured as a result of the crash, leaving him immobile and without any sensation in his limbs for 4 weeks. David spent 4 months in a specialist spinal injuries hospital.

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