Cyclists’ Stories

Peter Stone, Preston, Devon, September 2009

Peter was hit when a car overtook him then suddenly turned left into a side road. Peter braked hard to avoid a collision, but went over the handlebars and smashed his head against the car then fell hard onto his left shoulder on the road.

Peter suffered a grade 5 acromioclavicular injury (shoulder separation), a sprained wrist and skin abrasions and bruising.

Dan Black, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, December 2009

On a December morning in 2009, Dan was cycling his normal route to work when he was knocked off his bike by a 73-year old driver. The moment the car collided with Dan, his back was broken resulting in a spinal cord injury. There was also damage to Dan’s carotid artery, which meant the flow of blood to his brain was cut, causing a stroke. Dan had to be put into a drug-induced coma for 6 weeks.

Cait Hurley, Southwark Bridge, London, February 2012

Cait used to cycle 20 miles every day to get to work and had been cycling in London for 20 years. She took the same route each day, crossing Southwark bridge with many other cyclists who used the Barclay’s Blue Super Highway.

In February 2012 Cait was returning home along her usual route when she was hit by a lorry.

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Mike Kininmonth, Hackney, London, February 2011

Mike suffered a head and shoulder injury in a collision with a taxi driver.

The taxi driver, who was attempting to overtake Mike, collided with the rear of his bike when he had to abandon the overtaking manoeuvre on approach to a pinch point. Mike slammed into the ground, hitting his head and shoulder as he went down.

Radley Biddulph, Putney, London, August, 2011

Radley was struck from behind by a bus driver whilst he was stationary at a roundabout. Radley had cycled past the bus whilst it was stopped at a bus stop before reaching the roundabout. He was wearing a high visibility jacket at the time and it was daylight.

Radley suffered a broken collar bone, a minor head injury and trauma. He was off work for 25 days.

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