Cyclists’ Stories

Karl Austin, Hatton, Derbyshire, June 2011

Karl was competing in a time trial with 32 other cyclists when he was hit from behind by a lorry driver. He died as a result. While the driver claimed to have been dazzled by sunlight, he was in fact speeding – doing 56mph on a road where the limit for lorries is 50mph. The police investigation found that very few other drivers were hampered by the sun on that same stretch of road that day.

Tommy Berry, Croston, Lancashire, March 2012

Tommy died from serious head injuries after he was hit from behind by a 19-year-old driver. The driver claimed he hadn’t seen Tommy because he had been blinded by the low setting sun. He had effectively driven blind for ten seconds covering 190 metres, yet he was charged with causing death by careless driving.

Bob Scoble, Brixton, Devon, August 2012

Bob was cycling along a narrow country road with two other cyclists when an impatient lorry driver – who had been persistently revving his engine whilst behind the cyclists – overtook them and pushed Bob into the adjacent hedge when he had to suddenly pull in to allow an oncoming lorry to pass.

John Radford, West Yorkshire, May 2013

John was hit from behind by an elderly female driver. John was thrown into the air and landed on the pavement. He spent two days in hospital with a chipped vertebra, bust rib and concussion.

After John was discharged from hospital he found a note in his bag from the police with what appeared to be the driver’s car details and home address.

Nick Black, Shepherds Bush, London, February, 2010

Nick had cycled to work in London every day since 1990 and had clocked up 100,000 collision-free miles before his crash in 2010. He was cycling home after doing some shopping and was hit by a bus driver who undertook him. The rear wheel of the bus ran over his left leg and damaged it so severely that it had to be amputated. Nick is now registered disabled.

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