Cyclists’ Stories

Graham, York, North Yorkshire, May 2011

Graham was cycling on a roundabout when a car pulled onto it ahead of him, quickly followed by another car. Graham couldn’t stop in time and went into the side of the second car. He was thrown over his handlebars and landed on the road. His head hit the ground, bounced back then hit the ground again.

Thomas, Leeds, West Yorkshire, October 2009

When Thomas was just 10 metres from a junction a car approaching from the oncoming direction turned right across his path causing a collision at speed. Thomas lost consciousness at the scene; he suffered severe bruising, severe whiplash, four fractured ribs, and a fractured hip and was hospitalized for 9 days.

Simon, Oxfordshire, March 2011

Runner and cyclist, Simon, was hit as he cycled on a roundabout by a driver who failed to see him as she entered the roundabout. His elbow and lower back received most of the impact from his fall in the road.

Megan, North London, May 2012

Megan was hit by a car driver who pulled out in front of her at a major junction in North London. She hit the back of the car, flew over the top and landed on the back of her head. Megan had bleeding on the brain and severe concussion. She was in hospital for 3 days and had extensive osteopathy for her back and neck.

Bob, Tenterden, Kent, November 2012

Bob was cycling past a junction with an obligatory stop sign when a car pulled out of the junction to turn left without looking to the left where Bob was positioned. The car caught Bob’s rear wheel causing him to wobble and fall to the ground. Bob was air-lifted to hospital with a serious head injury.

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