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  • A driver ran over Sarah-Charlotte and her bike on a roundabout, leaving her with severe leg injuries that have changed her life. The driver, who said in court that she ‘didn’t look’, pleaded guilty to careless driving.

  • Sarah-Charlotte cannot walk without assistance after having her legs driven over. The driver that hit her received a £110 fine and 9 points.

  • Paul suffered a complete fracture to his leg after being hit by a car driver. Rather than the driver being charged, Paul was charged with careless cycling.

  • Elaine’s jaw was broken in 3 places after being hit by a driver making a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre. The driver was fined £66 and received 5 penalty points.

Road Justice campaigner training

CTC is offering campaigns training to anyone who wants to get more involved with the Road Justice campaign. The first day of training workshops will take place in Birmingham on Saturday 14th June.

Click here to find out more about campaigner training

Is your local police force committed to cycle safety?

Find out if your local police force is committed to cycle safety by taking a look at this map where we have plotted each force’s response to the report ‘Road Justice: the role of the police’.

The map uses a traffic light system to show how forces have responded to the recommendations in the Road Justice report. Green means a force agrees with many of the recommendations; amber means a force agrees with at least one of the recommendations; and red means either the force has not yet responded or disagrees with all the recommendations.

Clicking on a force area on the map brings up a window containing a force’s more detailed response as well as local roads policing statistics, such as roads police officers as a percentage of the whole police force and how many road casualties on average there are per year for each roads police officer.

Download the report ‘Road Justice: the role of the police’

The campaign’s objectives are:

1) To ensure the police conduct high quality investigations of all road traffic collisions involving injury and death;
2) To ensure the police and prosecution services make appropriate charging and prosecution decisions;
3) To ensure sentences are issued that reflect the severity of an offence and discourage bad driving.

The Road Justice campaign is supported by Slater and Gordon Lawyers

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